Morning Monologue #1

November 4, 2015

coffeecommissaryI’m wearing my most insulated coat and the girl behind me is wearing a crop top which makes me feel really dramatic. I awoke on my couch this morning with my thin throw blanket over me after a weird dream about eating blueberry ice cream on an English muffin and feeling really guilty about it, then frantically running around Beverly Hills to get gas for my car (I do need gas right now, actually). Slowly all my alarms (one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one on my bed) started going off. There’s something about waking up on my couch that is strangely satisfying–like I used up every possible second of the previous day, like I seized that shit so much I couldn’t even be bothered to move to my bed. I keep reading life hack-y advice about turning off all technology at least an hour before bed, but I get way more satisfaction when the last thing I remember before falling asleep is closing my laptop screen after pushing to read a little bit more, write a little bit more. Do as much as I can until my eyelids say, “no more.”

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  • Kathy Zhou

    Interesting. For me, when I wake up on my couch, I usually feel really deranged, groggy, and panicky, especially after dreams like what you had just described. Also, side note: I once did eat ice cream on a waffle! But I digress. Happy to hear about the satisfaction you get from spending your last waking moments writing and reading. The fact that you’re able to push yourself to do all that late into the night is truly admirable. Miss you!

    • http://www.nhihong.com Nhi

      You’re giving me too much credit, or maybe that’s my fault! Many days I just veg out and watch TV. I miss you too :)