Pimping My Ride

October 3, 2015

I can’t say if I’m sure karma exists, but in a weird way, I believe that balance does. Such proof exists in the fact that I accidentally left my car on a street while street cleaning was happening and miraculously did NOT get a parking ticket, but instead was punished with having my side mirror broken off and swiped by somebody who decided to remain anonymous.

See? Balance.

It’s annoying that I’ll never find out who did it, but adulthood is full of minor misfortunes like this. I go back and forth between feeling pissed at the unfairness and grateful that something worse didn’t happen. I lean more towards the latter, but I can’t tell if a look-on-the-bright-side approach makes me a well-adjusted person or if it’s a case of mild denial. Mostly I think about how I could stand to be a little more prepared because I don’t think these little mishaps ever stop rolling through.

Now my mirrors are different colors, but my car was screaming for a makeover anyway (really, the upside down ‘s’ on the trunk just wasn’t enough). I have a boring looking car that I am hopelessly in love with. Yep, I’ve never had any work done on my car, don’t even know that much about cars, but I love my car like…another person loves his/her car? No great analogies, just fond memories of bad days when the only alone time I had was in my car. I love that thing. Hopefully I’ll get to drive it for years to come.

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