Dentist Thoughts

September 19, 2015

On being an adult: you will run out of paper towels if you don’t keep an eye on your stock, and you will go years without a dental exam if you don’t figure out your insurance stuff, find a dentist, and make an appointment. These are the accidental ways in which my parents spoiled me, I guess.

I don’t like making appointments–not even for “fun” stuff like haircuts. I get my hair done about once a year and always cringe when the stylist asks me the last time I got a haircut, because they know. They can tell. At the beginning of this year I tried to hack it by getting my hair cut way shorter than I usually do–friends, don’t ever try to “hack” your hair cut. Also, maybe try trusting what you think is cute first and foremost, since your friends don’t have to wake up with your hair.

Anyway, I was a good little adult and made myself a dentist appointment with a new dentist, obviously based on proximity and nothing else. As I said, I hate appointments of almost all varieties so I could hardly be indifferent towards it, and while technology hasn’t brought us to the point where we can be in and out of the chair in 10 minutes, it actually turned out to be pretty pleasant. They gave me some epinephrine and I had that jittery feeling that makes you feel panic-y in an ironically fun way. You know, the way you feel after you’ve had that third cup of coffee. If that wasn’t great enough they gave me the remote and let me choose what Netflix show I got to watch while they worked on my teeth, which hopefully they didn’t regret as I laughed my way through the entire cleaning. I used to think that airplanes were the best place to unplug and disconnect but as it turns out, the 21st century means wifi on airplanes and now dentist chairs are the new airplanes. After all, you can’t be writing emails or taking phone calls lying supine with your mouth wide open, can you?


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