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Breakfast and That One Time I Got Sit Down Service At McDonald’s

September 12, 2015

I’m more of a night owl than a morning person but really neither, though sometimes I admit I get desperate to be that person drinking warm lemon water as the sun rises, rolling out the yoga mat and like, setting my intention for the day or something.

My apartment has no AC and Los Angeles is slowly burning these days, even well into the evening. There’s something about heat that makes me feel like I’m walking with mesh over my mouth, all claustrophobic and uncomfortable. I have a little porch area in the front that closes my apartment off from the outside, so I’ve been daring enough to sleep with my front door open and only my screen door between me and the porch, on a yoga mat on the floor, where potential intruders would get distracted by the absurdity of the image and hopefully run away. I hit my body with an ice cold shower that lasts about 15 seconds in the middle of the night (last night, this happened 3 times), jump out and skip the towel dry, lie out on the yoga mat next to the fan, and try to fall asleep before I feel the heat again.

I’m not so great at getting to bed early so mornings are without fail brutal, even when I incentivize myself with things like avocados in the fridge for breakfast. I have alarm clocks in my bathroom, kitchen, and by my bed so a cacophonous symphony strategically set minutes apart from each other goes off like a violent shake everyday. If I get up early enough, I’ll try to get some writing done at a cafe or in one case, McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has a turkey sausage and egg white breakfast bowl that I’m admittedly crazy about. The other week I walked in and when I ordered they handed me a rod to hold my receipt in and Lakisha brought breakfast to my table. If that wasn’t enough, she came to check on me twice and told me I was glowing twice (which I was, because I was eating McDonald’s and getting TABLE SERVICE). There’s something about eating a fairly healthy and super satisfying breakfast that would cost $15 at any of the many brunch places in LA that makes me feel like I’m gaming the system and coming out on top–a great feeling to start the day with.

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  • Kathy Zhou

    Hahaha! So I have a solution for your heat problem – move to Northern France with me! You’ll get rainy days and mild to cold weather galore!

    • Nhi

      Haha that sounds amazing! It cooled down for a few days but now we’re approaching another heat wave…welcome to fall!

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