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Looking Back on Old Notebooks

February 6, 2015


I practice the artsy habit of always keeping a notebook with me because like illness, inspiration can strike at any time. I can’t seem to go fully paperless because after so many years of having an iPhone I’m still terrible at using the keyboard (RIP Blackberry :(. Why’d you have to fall off that mountain?) While we’re on the subject of paperless, I don’t think I have it in me to switch to e-books any time soon either. I had a horrible nightmare that somebody came to clean my room (fucking terrible, I know) and when they touched the books I spun around and screamed “NOT THE BOOKS. NOT. THE. BOOKS!!!!!!!” I really had to think about that for a minute to make sure it was actually a dream. Too real, guys.

Anyway, maybe this is an indication that I’m too self-conscious, but I’ve destroyed most of my past notebooks. No, I didn’t throw them into a bonfire or anything cinematic like that. It was more like deliberate and frustrated tearing before realizing that my underworked muscles were no match for card stock. No, there weren’t any golden nuggets in those notebooks, as much as I’d like to imagine there was something good enough that could be published posthumously and make me a legend. I recently dug up a little moleskine I used to jot notes in, and found this little gem that I thought might be directions to a secret writing spot or inspirational treasure–

Directions to a Korean bbq joint in Los Angeles. I’m so brilliant it’s embarrassing.

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