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Asian Zodiac Snake (Me) On a Plane

December 1, 2014

I’m on a plane back to Los Angeles from my hometown yet again. I say again because I had a last-minute trip home just two weeks ago and of course, this weekend was the holiday. I’m starting to feel like I could use a lesson or two in travelling efficiently, since I still employ a somewhat disgusting habit of packing dirty clothes when I fly to my parents house, doing several loads of laundry once I get home and using that as my wardrobe for the trip. What can I say? A) I’m gross and B) Save the quarters!

I fumble awkwardly through security as always despite the satisfaction I have with myself for remembering to wear slip on shoes. The Sunset News by Gate 20 doesn’t carry jalapeño Cheetos, only regular. I decide that this is a tall order and will settle for limón hot Cheetos. The Hudson News by Gate 22 carries hot Cheetos, but no limón ones. My flight leaves from Gate 18, so by now I’m walking away from my flight only to be disappointed. I decide the whole ordeal is a bust and starve.

Fine, “starve” is definitely too strong a word and only a half-truth, because I am currently enjoying airplane pretzels and ginger ale. It’s literally the first time in years I’ve been awake when the flight attendants pass out snacks. Are we allowed to ask for seconds?

My usual yet intense motion sickness is suddenly getting worse and this flight is shorter than some people use to take a shower, so I’ll have to cut this short for now and leave some Thanksgiving stories for next time. A next time that will come within a week instead of a month, I promise.

Until then!

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