Jack of No Trades, Master of Also None

September 20, 2014

I fell into the trap of waiting for something exciting to happen before I blogged so as the infrequent posts will tell you, I haven’t been up to much, minus trying to make it out of this heat wave as more than a crisped potato skin. The other day I put my t-shirt and a pillow case in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer in an attempt to make sleep more bearable. Is the surprising part about that admission that I put my clothes in the freezer, or that it’s 2014 in Los Angeles and I somehow managed to find a plastic bag?

So on one of these offensively hot days I was loafing around when my friend asked me if there was anything I’d consider myself an expert in. I’ve thought about this before and there isn’t really anything I could come up with, but to satisfy the old “everybody’s good at something” adage I said I was pretty phenomenal at 30 Rock trivia. I’ve since had my ego brutally crushed from several online 30 Rock trivia quizzes because I don’t know which of Pete Hornberger’s sons he’s afraid. Ah, back to the what-am-I-good-at drawing board.

I did go to the LA County fair to catch a friend perform the other week and that was exciting. For all the times I stayed at a Circus Circus growing up (lavish, I know), I could never have imagined I would ever actually know one of the people flying from those high bars and flipping around. It’s also sort of spectacular to me that no amount of aging could ever make shiny spinning lights and colorful booths less enticing, though I’ve always known better than to spend buckets of quarters on games my lack of coordination simply won’t allow me to win. Six courses of predominantly fried foods and three sets of acrobatics later, I think I’ve finally fulfilled a decade long craving for a quintessential hot summer day at the fair. I still don’t know how those magicians get the metal rings to disconnect and meld without so much as batting an eye, but I’m not too old to chalk it up to magic. Then again, as someone who found chemistry really challenging in school, I am generally very prone to chalking things up to magic.

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