Hot Days and Late Nights

April 30, 2014

Nothing but breezeless, hot air and a sky without clouds in Los Angeles today. In the early evening, I read until I fell asleep. It was bliss, minus waking up to find that I’d lost my place in my book.

You would think after a long weekend in the desert I’d have developed some sort of tolerance for the heat, but all I took back from the Indio heat was the first noticeable tan I’ve had in years. It’s so weird not being able to blend into walls.

So that late nap has resulted in boundless energy on a late Tuesday night, and I’m doing what I’ve resolved to do with all of my time: watch TV, a movie, or read. It’s this dull anxiety I have that there is always so much to consume and never enough time. I have no idea how some people seem to have seen or read everything. I’m barely just jumping on the Game of Thrones bandwagon now and catching up is officially one of my biggest accomplishments of 2014.

Tonight’s entertainment is Casablancaand while we all know the famous quotes from the movie, my personal favorite is this one:

Rick: Yeah, it’s pretty bad timing. Where were you, say, ten years ago?
Ilsa:  Ten years ago? Let’s see, yes, I was having a brace put on my teeth. Where were you?
Rick: Looking for a job.

And I guess talking about braces and unemployment makes them so hot that they kiss passionately. Golden.

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