Eurotrip Part 3: Paris

April 23, 2014
Euro Trip 2014 - 388

I’m sure this is because I’ve never been on a cruise, but the idea of a retail store being able to fit on a ship just baffles me. What also baffles me is what this says about the limits of my imagination.

I boarded a bus in London to go to Paris at 9PM and took two dramamine to force myself to sleep (you’ve never seen an adult fit so comfortably across two seats of a bus, by the way, but now I’m just bragging). Nobody announced over an intercom that we were leaving, or where we were going, the bus just took off. Several hours into the ride and well into the night, the bus driver woke me up and it was just me and my sister on the bus and told us we had to get off. I asked him why but he kept pointing to the exit and speaking in French, using none of the seven French words I know. I was quite foggy from the double dose of medicine so I kind of wandered off, panicking because I didn’t see anyone from the bus in sight. My sister said she thought we were on a ferry, but my internal monologue was like “um, you mean bus,” and I ignored her and walked up the flight of stairs behind the bus. I saw this lady and told her I didn’t speak French and had no idea where I was.

“You’re on a ship. There’s a bar right there. The stores will open in five minutes. Breakfast is upstairs. The bar is right there.”

Euro Trip 2014 - 287

Part of the bar

I was pretty excited to indulge purely for the novelty of a full bar, hot breakfast, and shopping at 2AM, but instead of doing any of that the dramamine decided it wasn’t done with me and I fell asleep on a table.

This confusion could’ve been completely avoided had I bothered to look at a map beforehand.

Anyhow, Paris was beautiful, but not in that quiet, romantic way that I thought it would be. I didn’t expect it to be so metropolitan, but if writing about my trip has taught me anything it’s that I’m naive enough to always be surprised but not ignorant enough to experience culture shock…yet.

One more very important note about Paris is that the croissants have real butter and when you walk down a cobbled street on a warm day eating something that’s mostly made out of butter, life is pretty sweet for 45 seconds or so. I think that’s how long it takes me to eat a croissant.

Euro Trip 2014 - 288

I saw this at every market in Paris. What is this?!

Euro Trip 2014 - 290

Someone please tell me this reminds you of Arrested Development too.

Euro Trip 2014 - 341

View from the Eiffel tower, which I thought would be this awfully touristy experience, but seeing the orange sun over the gray city was actually wonderful.

Euro Trip 2014 - 354

Inside the Louvre. At first it seems bizarre but intriguing that this man is recreating this painting in real time, but he’s NOT. He’s just dusting this dry brush across the replica for hours and hours and the idea turns from compelling to possibly insane.

Euro Trip 2014 - 358

This is what it’s like for people to look at the Mona Lisa in 2014.

Euro Trip 2014 - 370

Weirdly enough some of the most fun my sister and I had was at this soap store. I snorted that soap ’til my eyes watered and bought some for everyone.

That’s all for my European travels, but I can’t end the post without mentioning that I am truly indebted to my sister for being my travel companion and sharing her travel knowledge with me throughout the whole time. I can’t wait to go back one day but until then, I’ll just be that annoying friend who always talks about her time abroad and sporadically says things in foreign languages. Cheers!

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