Eurotrip Part 1: Copenhagen

April 7, 2014
Euro Trip 2014 - 061

There’s a saying the Danish have.

Unfortunately, I don’t know it because three days in Copenhagen apparently wasn’t enough for me to learn so much as a phrase. It has something to do with the lack of anything annoying, though, and that is a philosophy I can get behind. Flying from LAX to CPH was an 11-hour flight, which is the longest I’ve ever been on a plane and the farthest I’ve ever traveled. I’d never been overseas before but I’ve heard enough about friends being bit by the travel bug (metaphorical and actual diseases during travels) to be interested. Thanks to the Danish bakery close to my apartment that is a place of magic, I pretty much assumed that the entire city of Copenhagen would be equally mind blowing. Before I left, my friend told me that Copenhagen has a flavor of Fanta (the drink) called exotic, which isn’t here in the states. It kind of became this thing where any time I’d see a supermarket or 7-11, I had to check if they had it, which actually every store did because it’s very common there. I wanted to bring back some Fanta exotic for him but in fear that they wouldn’t sell it past security at the airport, I brought one giant bottle and asked if I could check it in to be sent with the other luggage. The employee (let’s call her sassy airport lady even though this is the first and last time she’ll appear in this story) brushed me off with a stern: “For fifty dollars. Throw it away. It’s not worth it.” I proceeded to sit down on a bench ten feet a way from her and decided to drink all the fanta in front of her in spite, but the only spite was for the hype because that stuff is GROSS. If that wasn’t enough, it was readily available at the 7-11 by the gates. Gift fulfillment always seems to get the best of me. 

Euro Trip 2014 - 015

A heart-shaped apple slice in my drink, AKA reason enough for this restaurant to charge me an arm and a leg for everything.

Euro Trip 2014 - 011

Nhi-sized transportation?

Euro Trip 2014 - 028

The bike culture here is amazing! I miss biking, but maybe not enough to try my hand at it here in LA.

Euro Trip 2014 - 029

Smørrebrød, or a dark brown bread topped with fish. This came from a tiny deli and I was hoping it’d be one of those delicious mom and pop hole-in-the-wall type places, but alas, it was only alright.

Euro Trip 2014 - 049

Flowers from a marketplace (Torvehallerne)

Euro Trip 2014 - 053

So how do the Danish feel about sandwiches with the bread on top? Would that be too much for them? Is top bread unacceptable?

Euro Trip 2014 - 056

This does taste like your standard American fare, except that they offer remoulade and fried onions and the bun feels a little more substantial. Considering that the food in Copenhagen is generally pretty expensive, we had a lot of hot dogs from street vendors. But these were awesome, especially inside a layer of bacon.

Euro Trip 2014 - 106

Danish Porridge that was delicious! I am now interested in making grains creamy, so let me know if you’ll join me on this journey.

Euro Trip 2014 - 156Can we just take a moment to look closely at this mannequin? Au naturale at it’s most au-y naturale-y. Maybe before cavemen chiseled rocks down to razors.

Euro Trip 2014 - 089

Copenhagen has a unique mannequin culture, and what I can’t believe about that statement is that any place would have a mannequin culture at all.

Euro Trip 2014 - 157

The main room of the hostel

Euro Trip 2014 - 149

This is the auditorium (it looks like a Barn from the outside) from my favorite area, Christiana–a self-governed neighborhood near the edge of the city. For lack of a better description, it has the hippie feel of Berkeley or Haight Street in SF but rural, not urban. And some of it reminds me a little of the look of Beasts of the Southern Wild, if you’ve seen that.

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