Anything Goes

Uh, My Life

February 23, 2014

Anyone I talked to about writing a blog was very encouraging but also slightly appalled when I had no answer to the subject of said blog other than, “Uh…my life?”

Zero points for a lame answer and my insult-to-injury weak-ass pitch, but at least I’m not trying to work an angle. Or is blasé an angle in itself? That’s some 2AM self awareness for you.

The mundane, tried-but-not-necessarily-true ramblings of a person’s life is maybe not the juice you’ll find yourself jonesing for, but man…I must say, there are just so many moments of random things to say with no outlet. Social media, sure, but it’s hard when you find yourself subconsciously wording everything so deliberately as to garner as many likes as possible. Is fishing for likes on Facebook the modern day equivalent to fishing for compliments? Naw, fishing for compliments is the modern day fishing for compliments.

I’m regurgitating the obvious as I am apt to do, but with making/writing/doing, it’s too natural to always be under the influence of another person(s). It takes the slightest shift of a hair for something to feel like it is no longer you own. This is not to say that influence or guidance is bad. Sometimes you just want a platform where you can recount something absolutely arbitrary, such as:

When I have a hard time parking late at night and I feel like I’ll never find a spot (read: all the damn time), I wonder if there’s someone else somewhere in LA trying to find a spot in an area where there is literally no more parking. I wonder if they just drive in circles all night long, hoping for someone to wake up and move, just coasting in lazy shapes in the darkness, waiting for a sign.

LA problems, am I right?

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